6 Interior Trends for Luxury Homes 2021

Over the years, luxury homes at the Lake of the Ozarks have seen many changes as far as design trends go, and 2020 has had a large impact on how homes are being used. As a result, the trends are yet again adapting to our wants and needs as homeowners. In this week’s blog, I’m going to be discussing the top 6 trends for luxury homes at the Lake of the Ozarks.

The “All-purpose” Home

Multi-hyphenates spaces are becoming the new normal, as many people found their homes becoming more and more multifunctional to suite their needs in 2020. Especially with open floor plan concepts, home designs are adapting to accommodate all “all-purpose” feel. Gone are the days of a single purpose home. Being able to conduct business, relax, and entertain are all becoming the new norm.  Allowing homeowners to function on all aspects of their life from the comfort and convenience of their four walls.

The Signature Home Office

Many people found themselves working from home more so than ever in 2020. This change prompted for a designated home office space that was not only functional as your main place of work, but also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable and you would be spending more and more time here. The simple office design of a desk, filing cabinet, and computer changed to office spaces including couches/lounging areas, hidden storage, and multiple workstations. Having a dedicated office area of your home allows you to clearly define the work area from the rest of your home.  

Virtual Meeting Room/Stages

The utilization of virtual meetings drastically increased in the last year. So much so that people began deliberately setting aesthetically pleasing backgrounds for their video meetings. To create a sensational vignette for virtual meetings, many begin researching the proper lighting techniques, well-hung artwork, greenery, and a variety of colors and shapes that make the room “pop.”

At Ease Living

A direct result of spending more quality time at home, the layouts have become increasingly informal compared to the traditional entertainment and “glam” structures. Implementing more sculptural and “playful” furniture has allowed homeowners to create a more relaxed ambiance throughout their homes. It’s all about creating a fluid ambiance that creates a welcoming vibe. As such, organic and living materials have been replacing the more glamorous ones. Homeowners are being drawn to using natural wood, unfinished stones, and industrial metals are the new in-demand décor choices. Beauty with function, comfort, and durability is the new norm for home décor.

Meld Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

With the increased amount of time spent indoors arose the need for more elaborate outdoor living spaces. Homeowners are seeking to bring the outdoors in by incorporating various elements such as glass walls and sliding doors and more access to natural lighting. There needs to be a harmonious design between the interior and exterior of these homes to allow nature to mingle with your home seamlessly. Equipping your outdoor living spaces with high-end furniture, designated dinning areas, pools and hot tubs, and even fireplaces have become essential for any outdoor living space.

Separation with an Open Floor Concept

The original open floor concept is becoming a thing of the past as we spend more time in our homes. In areas where you need privacy and focus, homeowners are looking to create the feeling of an open floor space with functionality and the ability for concentration. The idea of traveling to different rooms is reminiscent of the traveling that used to occur prior to 2020. Things such as going to the office, to a theatre, out for dinner or to the gym are being brought into one’s home. Doing so is giving that sense of freedom to come and go as you did in your normal routine.

As you can see, with the amount of time being spent indoors since 2020, homeowners are seeking more innovative ways to outfit their luxury homes at the Lake of the Ozarks to obtain a similar sense of the freedoms they once enjoyed, while staying safe in an ever-changing environment. While we still have access to many of the same freedoms, we did prior to 2020 at the Lake of the Ozarks, others haven’t been as fortunate, thus the boom in the housing market at the Lake. If you’re interested in seeking a peaceful respite in your own million-dollar home at the Lake of the Ozarks, I’d be happy to speak with you to find the perfect luxury home to suit your desires.

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