10 Lifestyle Tips for Embracing the Luxury Mindset

To many, living luxuriously means that you must have copious amounts of money to simply buy luxury items such as fancy cars or luxury lakefront homes at the Lake of the Ozarks. However, that’s not necessarily a requirement for living in a luxurious manner – that’s about having the right mindset and habits. While money can of course help enhance this style of living, it’s by no means a requirement. In this week’s blog, I’m giving you 10 tips to help you embrace a more luxurious way of living. Although if you’re in the market for a million-dollar home at the Lake of the Ozarks, I can certainly help with that as well. Read on to learn more! 

Take a Mental Vacation Once a Day

This doesn’t mean checking out for the day but taking a quick 5-minute respite to picture yourself on a beach or skiing down snowcapped mountains. Basically, find your “happy place” and envision yourself there for at least 5 minutes a day. This can be used as motivation as well as giving your mind a much-needed break from work – which will help your productivity and overall sanity.

Always Prioritize Quality over Quantity

When you are spending money, prioritize buying things that will retain value and are made of a higher quality over things that are cheaper and will be replaced sooner rather than later. This will ultimately save you money in the long run and provide you with more happiness over your investments. This can be as simple as a nice pair of shoes or a suite that will last you many years to come. Also, consider getting these items repaired or serviced as time goes on to make them last throughout generations.

Stretch Long & Thoroughly

Think about the animal kingdom here, as they’re on to something. Big cats for example, take their time to stretch and look very content in doing so. Let out a yawn and really focus on the muscles and how your body feels as you release tension. Doing so, you’ll accomplish two necessities – engaging your body and oxygenating your brain.

Lounge in Bed 1 Day A Week

While this may seem counterproductive for a bustling lifestyle of success and money making. Lounging in bed for a while 1 day each week will allow you to enjoy a luxurious feeling even when you’re not on vacation. Grab your favorite podcast, roast some coffee, and simply enjoy the pleasures of lounging in a cozy bed. It certainly beats rushing straight into action. Plus, your body and mind will thank you for the respite.

Get More Sleep

Studies have shown that even a mere 30 minutes of extra sleep can be the defining factor in feeling well-rested for the day. So, try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than your normal sleeping schedule if you find yourself struggling feel refreshed when you wake up.

Get Up Earlier 15-30 Minutes Earlier

Nobody likes to feel rushed fist thing in the morning and waking up 15-30 minutes earlier to an activity you enjoy can set a precedence for the day to come. You’ll find yourself more relaxed, prepared, and ready to begin your day.

Enjoy the Sunrise or Sunset

This is typically enjoyed while on vacation, but why must it be isolated to just a few times a year. If you’re not enjoying the sunrise or sunset from your home, you’re missing a calming experience that shouldn’t be limited to vacationing. Plus, it makes for a great (and beautiful) way to begin or end your day.

Take Longer Showers

Turn a daily routine into a more pleasurable experience. Taking your time and really enjoying the hot water flowing off your body, listen to podcasts or music, think about things you find relaxing, or even brainstorm for your successful day to come.

Prepare & Enjoy Beautiful Meals

Nourishing your body with a beautiful and tasty meal is important. Not only for the body, but for the mind as well. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body, its presentation, and enjoy the meal to the fullest. This will help develop a healthy eating style, aide in weight loss, and reduce indigestion. Allowing you to feel better and fuller of energy throughout the day.

“Stop to Smell the Flowers”

Taking time out of your day to simply stop and take in the environment around you can do wonders for enhancing your appreciation and perspective on life and its joys. Close your eyes and listen to the birds sing their songs or the flowing water of a stream. The simple sounds of nature (or even city life) can bring a sense of peace to an otherwise busy day.

As you can see, living luxuriously can really come from creating a mindset. While money can of course purchase luxury items, living a luxurious lifestyle begins with you. I hope that this perspective into the luxury lifestyle will help enhance your joy in simple living life. Doing so, you’ll likely find yourself becoming more relaxed, healthy, and even more successful. So, when you buy things such as luxury homes at the Lake of the Ozarks, you’ll be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

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