Luxurious Ideas for Your Luxury Home

The term "luxury" holds many different connotations depending on who you ask, you'll end up with varying answers. However, there is one commonality, luxury is associated with a sense of lavishness, extravagance, comfort, and convenience. When it comes to your luxury home at the Lake of the Ozarks, spare no expense when outfitting it with one of a kind luxuries. Our blog today is going to showcase just some of the top trending amenities that luxury homeowners are craving for their million-dollar home at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Dressing Room

A dressing room is important to luxury living for men and women alike. Outfit your bedroom with a custom dressing room to store your high-end fashion and garments. The best dressing room styles typically include walls lined with hardwood shelves, display racks, a cozy and fashionable sitting pedestal/area, and be adorned with spectacular lighting and mirror placement.

Exercise Room

I cannot think of anyone who associates the word "luxury" with sweating it out in a public gym. Why worry about leaving your home for a gym session when you can afford to create a custom gym, just for you, in the comfort of your own home? Your standard home gym should come with plenty of space for weights and equipment, but some home gyms are taking that a step further with built-in wireless speakers, televisions, and even a sauna or pool for some post-workout therapy.

Spa Bathroom

You've likely experienced world-class spas during your travels, whether during a business trip or a specific trip destination. Well, affluent homeowners are beginning to re-create the luxurious experience of these extravagant spas into their homes via spa-like bathrooms. Some key features of these rooms include expansive walk-in showers decorated with floor to ceiling jets and showerheads, heated floors, towel warmers, and large jacuzzi-style soaking tubs.

Game & Theatre Rooms

While game/movie rooms are not a "new" feature in the world of luxury living, they're still essential to complete the full aesthetic. From the classic movie theatre, some wealthy homeowners have begun pushing the envelope with indoor basketball courts, pools, and even total sports bar setups that boast fully stocked liquor cabinets/bars and a slew of televisions.

Commercial-Grade Kitchen & Wine Cellar

Most refer to the kitchen as the "heart of the home," and as such, it should be a warm, inviting area that is elaborately equipped with the finest appliances on the market, spacious storage/pantries, and come fully stocked.

While we're talking about affluent kitchens, a wine cellar is another must-have feature. A climate-controlled wine cellar will quickly become a pinnacle of hosting and relaxation at your elegant home and will certainly be a conversation piece.

Outdoor Kitchens & Pools

We're not done with the kitchen quite yet, the luxury lifestyle is making moves outdoors. Luxury homeowners are seeking luxurious amenities outside of their homes as well, so they can enjoy their serene property while they relax at home. Two of the best ways to utilize your outdoor space is by implementing an outdoor kitchen system, equipped with a built-in gas grill, stainless steel food prep area & sink, a small fridge for food and drink, as well as exquisitely crafted stone patio areas for relaxation.

We can't forget to mention the custom pool that accompanies your luxury outdoor space. Lavishly built custom pools that display unique water features such as waterfalls, hot tubs and outdoor changing cabanas are great components that add flair and extravagance to your already luxury home.


As we delve further into the modern age of technology, it's hard to shy away from the astoundingly lavish innovations that have developed. Luxury homeowners are seeking top of the line electronics to make their home responsive and even "come to life." Lock your doors, control your home's climate, lights, alarm systems, from around the world -- at the touch of a button.

The market for million-dollar homes at the Lake of the Ozarks has been impeccable this year, with inventory moving faster than ever. Ensure your million-dollar real estate is equipped with the most modern luxury amenities on the market and keep your lifestyle at the epitome of opulent living. And if you're looking to buy or sell a one of a kind luxury home at the Lake of the Ozarks, let’s discuss your wishes today.

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