The Making of Luxury Pools

There are many facets that make a luxury home at Lake of the Ozarks stand out, but one of the most prominent is the large luxury pools that overlook the Lake. There’s nothing like coming in from a gorgeous day on the lake or an afternoon shopping with friends, or a morning on the golf course and slipping into a luxury pool. Likewise, there’s something so incredibly special about enjoying a night float while enjoying the stars and the moon glistening over the lake water. Let’s take a look at a few features that really make luxury pools stand out from all of the rest!

Water Falls & Caverns

Did you know that caves and caverns are used in pools? They help to create a sense of mystery, and they are both luxurious and enchanting. These caves are then surrounded by waterfalls, lights, and other additional pieces to make them feel extravagant and relaxing. These caves can also contain multiple rooms swim-up bars, and more!

Fire & Water

This is one of the hottest trends for luxury pool design (pun intended!). A fire feature in your pool is one way to add the wow factor that you’re looking for. It’s a bit of exotic, opposites attract kind of mystery and it’s one that is really hitting the style guide by storm. The options are endless when it comes to choosing the way you incorporate fire into your swimming pool. From fire pits and fire bowls to tiki torches and fire troughs. It’s dramatic and elegant all at the same time.

Perimeter Overflow

This feature is truly breathtaking. It seems like it would be similar to an infinity pool, but unlike infinity pools where the water flows down into another pool area, this is different. With a perimeter overflow, all four sides of the containing hidden slots where the water overflows the edges and flows into a hidden slot. From there the water can be recycled back into the pool. This creates a stunning effect that is enjoyed on all four sides and really is a spectacular sight.


There is something magical about combining lighting and water. The ambiance is exceptional and the dramatic effects are incredible. You will find that all of the pools at high-end resorts and even luxury restaurants are not going to fade into the darkness - so why should yours? Making your pool in such a way that it can transition from day to night is a wonderful quality that you will love.

Automatic Covers

This should definitely speak for itself. Every pool needs a cover, and the best way to protect your investment while also not requiring a huge investment of time from you is an automatic cover. Even the smallest amount of debris in your pool can cause water imbalances - so an automatic cover is a must. They are designed to be easy to use, so with the flip of a switch or the press of a button, your pool is ready to enjoy or be protected from the elements. In case you are curious where the cover stays, it is concealed in an integrated housing when the pool is in use. Also, keep in mind that automatic safety covers create a barrier over your pool to assist in keeping children and pets safe - a must for vacationing families!

Ready to Take a Dip?

Luxury homes that are equipped with pools are selling at lightening speeds - of course, all real estate is selling at the Lake of the Ozarks. If you are considering that it’s time to list a luxury home at the Lake of the Ozarks, this is a fantastic time to do so. Our team would be honored to take you through the steps and make the selling process as easy as possible. Visit our website to learn more about our luxury real estate company at Lake of the Ozarks, or give us a call at the number below! Summer is an excellent time to sell a home, and this year has been incredible!

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