Checklist for Preparing Your Home For Twilight Shots

The real estate market is booming right now! Homes are listing and selling the same day and we are so thrilled to be involved in this. Luxury homes at Lake of the Ozarks are especially trending, and one thing that can make them even better is twilight shots. When selling a luxury home at the Lake of the Ozarks, we make sure that an expert photographer will come and capture your home in the best light, and one thing way to show off the amazing view and great windows is a twilight shoot. Here are a few ways you can prepare your home for a twilight shoot and how our team can help you get ready.

Prepare Outdoor Furniture

Taking a few moments to prepare the exterior of your home can give you the best possible chance for a great shoot. Before the photographer comes, make sure you take a few moments to remove the covers and add cushions to your outdoor furniture. You will also want to straighten up the outdoor furniture and consider staging the spaces. You can add towels and refreshments to spaces next to pools and firepits, and open up the umbrellas as long as they won’t block valuable views.

Little Outdoor Details

Much like with your day shoots, you will want to park your car either in the garage or down the road where it will not be seen. If there are any games or goys in the yard you will want to have those cleaned up and stored away. You will also want to have your porches, patios and driveways cleaned beforehand.

Look at the Landscaping

One of the most important details is to make sure that you do not water your landscape within the two hours prior to your photo session. Having irrigation on close to the time of your shoot can make driveways and patios look blotchy as they will still be partially wet. If you want the best look for your home, hire a landscaper to come at least a day or two prior to your scheduled photoshoot and have them trim, cut the grass, replace the mulch, etc. You can also have your planters refilled with flowering plants and remove anything that is dead.

Add the Ambiance

Most twilight shoots will happen in a VERY short period around sunset. There is only a small window where the shots can happen, so you will want to make sure that you have set up the ambiance well before the photographer gets there. This is a great time to light fires in your fireplaces and firepits, remove grills if they are in good condition, and make sure that the mood is just right.

Prepare the Pool

One reason twilight photos shine is through the feature of the pool. Pools look fantastic during twilight shoots, which means that you will want to make sure that it is photo-ready. Have it cleaned of debris on the day of the session? Before the photographer gets there make sure to have the pool lights and water features turned on where desired. Keep in mind that water features can make certain sidewalks look wet in the images, so think about that before you turn them all on, or only turn them on right beforehand.

Turn on the Lights

Whether you are there, your real estate agent, or a caretaker, you will want to make sure that someone will be there who knows about the lighting. All interior lights that have windows will need to be turned on, as well as all exterior lights. You will want to get all of the landscape lights and pool lighting as well. You may have to turn some lights off, but the photographer will direct you in that - some floodlights can detract from the ambiance of the twilight, but they will let you know.

Ready to Sell? 

If you are ready to sell a luxury home at the Lake of the Ozarks, the team at Luxury Lake Home is here to help. We have partnered with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices because we believe in the mission that they uphold when it comes to assisting luxury homeowners. We have years of experience, and when you want to sell a lakefront property at the Lake of the Ozarks, we are ready to help. Visit our website to learn more about our luxury real estate agency at the Lake of the Ozarks, or give us a call to get started!

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