Creating a Mediterranean Kitchen in Your Luxury Home

If you’re in the mood to spruce things up this winter in your luxury home at the Lake of the Ozarks, starting in the kitchen can be a perfect choice. Mediterranean styles are really making a comeback, as they are the perfect combination of casual elegance, a bit earthy with the sun and sea inspiration, and it can be the perfect choice for your Lake vibes. Check out these important details of a Mediterranean kitchen style, from the key elements to the color palettes, fixtures, and finishing touches.

The Short & Sweet Details

A Mediterranean kitchen can be a warm and welcoming place, and the natural elements like wood, brick, and stone can really create a wonderful ambiance. In the past, Mediterranean kitchens have featured warm hues and wrought iron details. However, modern style can give it a much lighter approach, lots of white space, rich tilework, and natural wood pieces. Curious what you can expect to find in a Mediterranean kitchen?
  • Whitewashed walls
  • Tile floors and backsplashes
  • Natural stone countertops and details
  • Rough-hewn wood beams
  • Richly ornamented details (patterned tile and carved wood are most common)

A Mediterranean Color Palette

Mediterranean kitchens are made up of earthy colors, r its hues, and sparkling ocean shades. Combine these colors with a calming backdrop of white and natural wood, and you’ll have exactly what you’re striving for.

Colors to use:
  • Neutral backdrop: Alabaster, parchment, straw, stone
  • Warm and earthy: Clay, cinnamon, chile pepper, flax, umber, bougainvillea, terracotta
  • Oceanic: Azure, cerulean, cobalt, turquoise, moss, sea green.

Textures to Consider

Use Dark Woods
What makes a Mediterranean kitchen stand out is the natural wood, with deep, rich hues. Standard wood used in this style is walnut because it pairs so well with warm white for contrast. You can incorporate natural wood cabinetry, windows, shelving, range hood details, counter stools, or any combination of those.

Pretty Patina
There is a wonderful history wrapped up in reclaimed wood, brick, and stone. Keep your eyes open for reclaimed wood beams, and furnishings, natural stone counters, and rustic brick or stone flooring. This will give the old world look and feel that makes these kitchens so cozy.

Tile Compositions
What sets the Mediterranean apart is the use of color tiles. Fro the floor to the backsplash, this is a MUST in your kitchen. You can find hand painted tiles, or hire a professional to create a design using solid-colored tiles in geometric shapes.

Mediterannean Accents

Statement Lighting 
A key to capturing the style is oversized lighting. Large lanterns, classic candelabra fixtures, and pendants are all perfectly suited towards a Mediterranean style. Ideal materials would include natural patina like wrought iron, hammered metals, reclaimed woods … and don’t forget to add a dimmer switch for the perfect ambiance.

Add Arches
Mediterranean-style homes are often made from stucco or adobe, and they often feature curving arch details. Whether you add this though an arched breakfast nook, windows, and window seats, doorways, or wall niches - there are plenty of ways to incorporate arch styles into your home.

Love Is In the Details

Finally, the finishing touches will be completed though rugs in rich hues or natural fibers, leather stoops, open shelving, and decor made from ceramic, wood, and warm metals like brass or copper. Luxury homes at the Lake of the Ozarks come in any number of shapes and styles, and if you are feeling the itch to change things up this winter, an overhaul of your kitchen may be the perfect step - while also adding value to your home.

If you don’t own a luxury lakefront home at the Lake of the Ozarks, there’s still time to find the home of your dreams before the busy summer season begins. If you are ready to start the home search, the team at Luxury Lake Home can make it easy. Visit our website to learn more about luxury real estate at the Lake of the Ozarks and how our team can assist!

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