Luxury Staging Tips When Listing Your Home

When selling a luxury home at the Lake of the Ozarks, there are a few things that set listings apart. High-quality staging can make a huge difference when posting your listing, and because you are appealing to a unique and sophisticated market, it’s important to appeal to them. Staging can be an easy way to take your home to the next level, so we wanted to cover a few important staging tips to remember as you start the listing process.

Keep It Real

When adding floral and greenery to your home, there is just one thing to remember - keep it real. Don’t bring the dead energy of dead or silk flowers into your luxury home. Instead, work with a florist or a stager to find arrangements that last the longest. You can also make a huge impact in a space with live trees and plants. Fiddle leaf fig leaf trees are incredibly popular right now, and if you notice, you’ll find them in many published articles and arrangements. As you approach the holidays, if you want to stage your home in tune with the seasons - choose real over plastic, and keep everything simple and real. This means real pumpkins on the porch and table through the fall and fresh pine boughs for the holidays.

Get Neutral

This is definitely something you will see amongst older and luxury homes around the country, as they are built and designed with the owner's taste in mind - but keep things neutral. You can still be in love with your rich purple master bedroom, but colors can have a strong impact on others. You will hear this over, and over, and over in staging tips, but that’s because it’s true. Keep things simple, neutral, and basic. White, off-white, gray, beige, these are all tones and shades that are clean. Colors can really turn people off, so be careful when leaving a space dramatic or vibrant.

Clear the Clutter

It sounds basic, but clearing out the clutter can make a huge difference in the feel of your home as you are selling it. If you use this home as a vacation home at the Lake of the Ozarks, you may not have a lot of clutter stored in your home. Or maybe you have the closets filled with the tools and accessories that are needed for a lake home, like lifejackets, swimming toys, and lake life paraphernalia. Cleaning out under the beds and organizing the closets can make a huge difference, and will make your home appear that it’s ready to go.

Clear Out Strong Smells

This doesn’t mean that you need to light a candle and move your furry friend to your new home - this means it could be a bigger transformation. Some clients enjoy different hobbies that may affect the overall scent of the home. Cooking is one hobby that can really have a pungent effect, and if you love to use strong spices and flavors, you may find that those lingering odors can negatively affect your sell speed. Air purifiers can be a wonderful investment when you need to clear out a scent in a home, and it’s going to be a great tool in your back pocket.

More Than Just Furniture

Staging is more than just trendy spaces and perfectly arranged decor (though, it does include that!). Staging is about creating a space that makes someone feel welcome, invites them to imagine living there, and tells them a story. Make sure that your story is communicating exactly what you want through all of the details.

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