Winterizing Your Luxury Boat Dock

The luxury lake lifestyle isn’t complete without some big boats in your life. Every huge lake home comes complete with an incredible dock that is equipped to handle big boats, jet skis, and all of the accessories that go with that. That’s not all, though, these docks generally have places designed for eating and entertaining, sound systems to set the mood and every luxury item you can imagine. But when winter comes, what do you have to do to get these docks and their boats ready? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you have your dock prepared for winter.

Have the Boat Lift Inspected

If you have a boat lift installed on your dock, it’s important to get it inspected routinely, but especially before winter. There are several businesses at the Lake who specialize in boat dock lifts, so find one that’s right for you, and bring them out to take a look. They’ll probably start by making sure that the lift is still holding air - and not leaking (bad news if your luxury boat was on it!). Then they’ll make sure that all of the bolts and pieces are where they belong - and that nothing got damaged over the busy summer season. If everything looks good, then your boat lift will be ready for winter.

Get the Right Tools

If you maintain your home through the winter, there is one prime thing you’ll want to keep on hand to make sure that the dock is cared for through winter. If you hire a company to maintain your home, make sure that they have this equipment and that they know how to use them for the sake of your dock. It gets just cold enough in the winter to justify having some agitators or bubblers. These are motors that go in the water around your dock. They churn the water using air to keep the water from freezing around your dock. If ice is allowed to build up around the dock, it could sink the entire investment if the winter is bad enough. You’ll also want to make sure that your boat dock is covered under a good insurance plan, but that’s a topic for another day

Schedule a Dock & Cable Inspection

It’s important to make sure that the dock is in good working order before winter comes. You can hire someone to come out and make sure that the walkway is still correctly fastened to the dock and that there aren’t any bolts missing. Next, the lines and cables will need to be checked out. A little bit of preparation now can help keep the lines from freezing through winter.

Don’t Forget the Boat

It’s important to have your boat winterized as well. Many of the large yachts and big power boats can be winterized through different service companies at the Lake. They can make sure everything is working properly, fix any damages that may have occurred over winter, and then get your boat sealed up. If you plan to keep your boat with your dock over the winter, you’ll want to have it shrink wrapped and prepared or storage. There are also many businesses around the Lake who will bring your boat to a storage site to protect it from the elements and then bring it back when the weather warms back up.

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